Water Shortage Response Plan

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Voluntary water use reduction

We are asking customers to reduce their water use.

Seattle, Tacoma, and Everett collectively reduced water use by 10% since asking customers to help.

Top water-saving tips

  • Let your lawn go dormant and limit plant watering to twice a week. For dormant lawns, just water deeply once each month to keep roots alive. When watering a maximum of twice a week, water deeply to encourage deep roots.
  • Water early or late - Water before 8 a.m. (best) or after 7 p.m., which reduces evaporation.
  • Reduce showering time - Save 2.5 gallons of water every minute less you spend in the shower.
  • Fix leaks - Fix obvious indoor and outdoor leaks such as at faucets, hose bibs, and sprinkler spray heads. Check for less obvious leaks such as silent toilet leaks. Put several drops of food coloring in your toilet tank; after 10 minutes if you have color in the toilet bowl, you have a flapper leak.
  • Wash full loads - Wait until your clothes washer and dishwasher are full before starting.

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The Saving Water Partnership is a group of local water utilities in Seattle and King County working together to help customers save water and money. This website is also temporarily being used to support the Everett and Tacoma regional water systems.


Stages of Water Shortage Contingency Plan


How to water young trees

Water young trees efficiently using a water bag. Trees planted 5 or fewer years ago need 15-20 gallons of water twice a week to survive.

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