The Saving Water Partnership is a group of local water utilities in Seattle and King County working together to help customers save water and money.

The information on this website will help you save water at your home, in your yard and garden, and at your business or organization.


$100 Toilet rebates – save water and money

High water bill? Your toilet could be the culprit. Old, leaky toilets can use more than 5 gallons of water per flush (gpf). Replace your old toilet with a new efficient model that uses 1.1 gpf or less to save water and money.

  • Rebates for single family customers
  • Rebates for multifamily customers

Protect your spigot from freezing

Each winter, homes are damaged from water pipes that freeze, burst, and then leak. By taking a few simple precautions, you can avoid the mess, hassle and cost of repairing leaky pipes.

  • Insulate pipes in your home's crawl space or basement.
  • Know where your water shut-off valve is located.
  • Outdoor hose bibs are susceptible to freezing. Learn how to insulate your hose bib by watching the Protect Outdoor Spigots video.

Watch our videos on finding and fixing leaks. Let's all work together to make sure our region is free of water waste.

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