Savvy Gardener - Fall 2014

Savvy Gardener Class Update

This past spring we announced that there would be fewer Savvy Gardener classes due to lower attendance and that the class schedule would no longer be emailed to subscribers. But several Saving Water Partnership (SWP) utility partners will continue to host classes! If you would like announcements about these in your inbox, please contact these partners directly. Anyone living in the SWP service area is welcome to attend these free classes.

Fall 2014 Savvy Gardener Classes

  • Winterizing: Putting Your Garden to Bed – Woodinville Water District
  • Fabulous Fall Leaves: Your Key to a Great Garden! – North City Water District
  • Hands-On Drip Irrigation Lab – Woodinville Water District (at 21 Acres)
  • Natural Pest, Weed & Disease Control for Edible Gardens – Northshore Utility District

Visit the Saving Water Partnership website for class details and registration information.

For information and resources about how to be a Savvy Gardener: | Facebook