Savvy Gardener - Spring 2014

2014 Savvy Gardener Classes

Please join us for our upcoming classes on the following topics:

  • Great Gardening: Basics for the New Gardener
  • From Lawn to Lunch: Introduction to Small Space Food Gardening
  • Simply Lovely: Great Plants for Northwest Gardens
  • Incredible Edibles: Grow Your Own!
  • Beautiful Backbone: 100 Best Trees and Shrubs for NW Gardens!
  • Southern Beauties: The Best Southern Hemisphere Plants for NW Gardens
  • Winterizing: Putting Your Garden to Bed

Visit the Saving Water Partnership website for class details and registration.

Savvy Gardener Is Changing!

Saving Water Partnership will be offering fewer classes in the future, and this is our final Savvy Gardener email.

One thing won’t change: We will continue to support our Savvy Gardeners with many resources!

As always there are many learning opportunities in the region at local nurseries and elsewhere.

Happy, savvy gardening! | Facebook