The Saving Water Partnership is a group of local water utilities in Seattle and King County working together to help customers save water and money.

The information on this website will help you save water at your home, in your yard and garden, and at your business or organization.



Enrich your soil and keep storm drains free and flowing! Leaves decompose, feeding your soil naturally.

Three ways you can use fall leaves:

  • Use them as a mulch layer on your soil
  • Rake them into a compost pile for use next spring
  • Mow with a mulching mower to enrich your lawn, or make a finer mulch for beds
  • Learn more about compost and mulch.


Protect your spigot from freezing

Before the cold weather comes, insulate pipes and outdoor faucets to prevent them from freezing, bursting and leaking. Learn how by watching the Protect outdoor spigots video.

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Toilet Rebates Just Got Easier!


Saving Water Helps Salmon

See salmon in local streams this fall! We’re partnering with Salmon SEEson because saving water keeps water in the rivers for salmon, people and wildlife. View sighting dates and locations.

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