How to Water New Plants

Start new plants off right!

Deeper, less frequent watering will grow plants with healthier and more extensive roots, that stand up better to drought stress. Smart watering will make a big difference in the long-term health of new plants!

Year 1

Spring through fall, when weather is dry.

Years 2 & 3

Water deeply only once or twice per week. Exactly how often and how long you water will depend on your soil and other conditions. Follow the tips below.

After year 3

Properly planted and watered plants should be fairly well established, and can thrive with less watering than you may expect. Drought-tolerant plants may need no supplemental water, whereas shallow-rooted plants or plants with greater water needs may need water weekly. Many plants, when selected for the conditions in your yard, may need watering only once or twice a month in dry weather.

Quick tips

Special considerations

More Information

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