Commercial and Industrial Facilities

It's good for your bottom line and the environment to adopt water-efficient procedures, equipment and technology for space cooling, refrigeration, laundry, cleaning, and flushing bathroom fixtures.

Get Cash Incentives to Cut Water Use

Commercial and industrial customers of water utilities in the Saving Water Partnership can get financial incentives to implement water-conservation measures.

Toilets and Urinals

$100 rebate when replacing older toilets and urinals with efficient models:

Refrigeration Systems

Rebates for up to 50% of costs for projects involving space cooling, refrigeration systems and industrial ice-makers. View rebate >

In almost all cases, single-pass use of water for cooling is highly wasteful and expensive. Many water-saving options are available - from replacing the equipment with air-cooled equipment, re-circulating the water through a remote refrigeration unit, or tapping an existing source of chilled re-circulating water.


Kitchen Equipment

Up to $1,500 for replacing inefficient commercial kitchen equipment with water-efficient equipment. View rebates >

Cooling Tower Improvements

Cooling Tower Improvement Program is offered to facility managers that would like to tune up and run their cooling tower more efficiently. If you would like more information or have questions about participating in cooling tower improvements, please call Andrea Martin (206) 449-1112.

Medical/Scientific Equipment

Rebates up to 50% for steam sterilizers, medical air and vacuum systems, x-ray processing and other medical equipment. View rebates >

Laundry Equipment

$200 rebates for efficient coin-op machines (Tier 3) or up to 50% of large system improvements.
View rebate >

The Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) has been rating family-style clothes washers, residential and commercial coin-op, for over 10 years, since the first high-efficiency machines began to make inroads into the retail market. Since those early models, which were up to 50% more efficient than the standard top-loading models, efficiency has increased by that amount again in the highest Tier 3 models. It really pays to upgrade from either a water-guzzling standard model to the highest efficiency that one can afford.


Irrigation Systems

Financial incentives and technical assistance are available for multifamily or commercial customers with one acre or more of irrigated area.

Other Water-Saving Technologies

Rebates for up to 50% of project costs. View rebates >

The potential for water efficiency is limited sometimes by technology (too expensive or experimental) or a lack of creativity that has yet to invent tomorrow’s solution. The vacuum switch for vacuum style autoclaves is a perfect example of a creative solution. But there are other tried and true solutions that simply need an advocate to get started. Carwash reclaim systems, more efficient nozzle spray patterns in kitchen spray heads and large vehicle washes are proven to save cost effectively. The Saving Water Partnership can assist businesses in seeking solutions where there is a desire to reduce water consumption, become more sustainable, or simply reduce utility costs.

Involve Your Employees in Water Conservation

Your employees can help you save water and cut your utility bills, so educate them on water conservation at your facility:


For more information contact Arece Hampton at or (206) 733-9137.


Green Business Program can help you develop individual business solutions to save water and lower utility bills. Phone: (206) 343-8505

Cost Savings Calculator (xls) - Estimate how much money you can save on utility bills by switching to more efficient equipment, technology and procedures.

Cool Tunes Manual (pdf) See savings through consistent monitoring of chemical, conductivity, water make-up and blowdown, and any unusual spike in water consumption.